You never know what you might face on the road, whether you are going to work or on your way to visit family members. All too many accidents (about 25 percent, specifically) are caused by distractions like cell phones. Additionally, you might be contending with bad roads, impaired drivers, and so much more.

What happens when you discover that you are injured in a car accident? Whether you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist or have no-fault insurance, you must be aware of your rights.

At the Accident Scene

When you are at the scene of the accident, you may still be in shock. Your state of mind could make following directions more difficult. Still, the decisions you make immediately can have a lasting impact.

Do call the police. They can make an accident report which you will need to present in court.

Do note the names and phone numbers of witnesses at the scene of the accident. You may be able to call them to appear in court and testify of any distractions that put the other driver at fault.

Do take photos of the scene of the accident, including damage to all involved vehicles and your injuries. You can also keep notes.

Do not run away from the scene of an accident, which could result in criminal charges filed against you. Do not allow stress and anger to get to you or impair your actions.

Do ask for the contact and insurance information of other drivers involved, but do not try to negotiate with other drivers.

During Medical Care

When you receive medical care following an accident, you must take care to follow all the doctor's advice. Receive proper medical care, and do not ignore injuries or wounds.

Do not delay your recovery in the hopes of recouping more funds after an accident. Many people who try this are foiled by posting their exploits on social media. The court will not look kindly upon this.

With Your Insurance Company

You should always call your auto insurance company immediately after a car accident. During and after your call, you need to take several steps to ensure that you are making good decisions.

Do review your contract and your coverage plan, but do not give a recorded or written statement without first consulting with your personal injury attorney.

Do take notes of every conversation you have with your insurance company. Keep detailed notes that include the names and job titles of each person you speak to. Take down their phone number, too.

These tips will help you get the correct amount of reparations from your insurance company.

With Finances

You also have many financial decisions to make following a car accident, and keeping up with your responsibilities may be difficult.

Do keep all receipts linked to the accident and your injuries, including those related to meals and lodging. Additionally, keep evidence in the form of medical bills, repairs estimates, and letters. All of these will help when calculating the cost of the accident and the reparations you should receive.

Do not accept an estimate or appraisal of losses from an insurance company, and certainly do not sign anything (including a release or waiver) until you consult with your attorney. Additionally, do not accept a check that states it is a final payment for anything.

With an Attorney

Hiring a personal injury is your next step. Do make sure that you talk to a lawyer you can trust before filing a claim. Your attorney will help you determine if you have a solid case and give you an accurate assessment of what you deserve.

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