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Lerner, Piermont, & Riverol, P.A., a law firm in Jersey City, New Jersey, practices law to help people who have been injured in an accident, or as a result of professional negligence. These cases involve personal injuries and Workers' Compensation.
Auto accident claims at Lerner, piermont & riverol, P.A in Jersey City, NJ

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In 2000, there were a total of 17,663 crashes caused by drivers with inattentive driving behaviors. If you have been a victim of negligent driving, turn to our comments page to describe your case.
At the law offices of Lerner, Piermont, & Riverol, P.A., we take the time to carefully listen to your legal situation and fully explain the law relevant to your case. We will clearly discuss what legal remedies are available to you and help you make an informed decision.Our attorneys never forget that your legal situation is extremely important to you and your family. When you hire us to represent you, you have retained a quality personal injury and motor vehicle accident claims law firm with a reputation for excellence and responsiveness to clients' needs and concerns.
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An Overview

Motor vehicle accidents cause the loss of time, property, health, and even life. Such accidents occur because of elements including driver error, negligence, manufacturing defects, and dangerous weather. No matter what the specific cause or result, a crash can turn a normal day into a prolonged struggle.
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Auto Accident Injuries, Lerner, Piermont, Riverol, P.A in Jersey City, NJ

Auto Accident Injuries & Compensation

An individual who has been injured in a car accident may be able to seek monetary compensation for injuries and damages. Cases are fact-specific, typically with complex issues of proof and fault in dispute. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you sort out your legal options.

Insurance Claim Dos & Don'ts

When you need to make an auto insurance claim, you should proceed with care. Your actions may have a significant influence on the amount of compensation you receive.
Uninsured motorists, Lerner, Piermont, Riverol , P.A in Jersey City, NJ

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorists

When a driver refuses or is unable to carry proper motor vehicle insurance, that driver puts more than just him or herself at risk. If the driver injures another person, the insurance will be inadequate to cover the damages.
Injured parties, however, may be covered by their own insurance policies. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protects accident victims in these cases.

No-Fault Insurance

When a driver has been in an accident, no-fault auto insurance allows him/or her medical bills to be paid by the insurance company, no matter who was at fault.
Not every state has a no-fault insurance structure, but those that do have very specific laws governing when, how much, and for how long the injured party may collect.

What to Do If You Are in a Motor Vehicle Accident

When you are in an accident, you have immediate, important decisions to make. For the crucial decisions you have to make later on, consult with a personal injury attorney.
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