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Workers' Compensation

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average worker who files for Workers' Compensation benefits receives $5,848. To find out more about your potential benefits, contact a qualified lawyer now.
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An Overview

U.S. employers and their employees rely on our dependable Workers' Compensation system to resolve disputes about vocational injuries and disease, and to provide for related worker needs.
Workers' Compensation benefits are commonly awarded for a work-related injury, illness, or death, helping to meet the needs of injured workers and their families.
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Employer Retaliation against the Claimant

Workers' Compensation is sometimes viewed as a compromise between employees and employers: Workers give up the right to sue for large awards in court in exchange for certain and timely, albeit relatively lower, reimbursement for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Employers are not allowed to retaliate against an employee. It is illegal for an Employer to retaliate against a worker who is injured on their job.
Employers accept responsibility for these injuries and illnesses even if they are not at fault, but they no longer have to worry about being tied up in court and potentially liable for large verdicts.
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Death Benefits

In addition to Workers' Compensation benefits for workers for their job-related injuries and illnesses, if such maladies ultimately result in death, certain survivors have the right to receive death benefits through their state Workers' Compensation systems.
If you are the family member or dependent of an employee who died from an injury or sickness incurred in the course of his or her employment, a Workers' Compensation attorney can advise you about death benefits.

Rather than Collecting Workers' Compensation, May I Bring a Lawsuit Against My Employer?

Workers' Compensation is usually the only legal remedy for an employee injured or sickened in the course of employment. The public policy behind Workers' Compensation envisions a bargain between employers and employees in which workers give up the right to sue their employers in court in exchange for the guaranty of workers' compensation benefits.
This reduces tension in the workplace by creating a predictable method for resolving employer-employee conflict. Although Workers' Compensation awards tend to be smaller than those in lawsuits, employees are not left without support during drawn-out court proceedings with unsure outcomes.
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